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Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

Part Sourcing

We offer assistance in locating unique and elusive components for industrial, and commercial machinery and tools. Our team of component procurement experts taps into an extensive supplier and maker network spanning numerous sectors and boasting years of expertise.

Mechanical Seals & Bearings

Vital for many rotating machines, we offer specialized mechanical seals and bearings to ensure reduced friction and increased equipment lifespan.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components

From actuators to valves, we provide parts that are crucial for the fluid power systems driving your machinery.

Custom Fabricated Metal Components

Our partners fabrication services cater to unique mechanical requirements, ensuring that you have the exact part for your project.

Vibration Damping and Isolation Materials

Essential for machinery longevity and efficient operation, we offer advanced materials designed to reduce vibrations and noise, ensuring a safer and more productive environment.

Our Part Sourcing Process:

  1. Requirement Analysis: Discuss your specific needs with our team, and let us understand the urgency and specifics.

  2. Sourcing: We delve into our extensive network, tapping into both local and global suppliers to find the exact part you need.

  3. Quality Check: Every part sourced undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring they meet our high standards and your requirements.

  4. Delivery & Installation: Not only do we source the part for you, but our expert team can also assist with its installation, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into your building's system.

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